Stopping Sharing of Boards

What can you do when you’ve shared a board but no longer want to share a board? Cobbl makes it simple: Stop Sharing. Go to the Share menu, then turn sharing OFF. But, there is more to consider.

When you turn sharing off, the links that your guests use to view or to add images to a board will not work. Therefore, when a user comes to a board expecting to view your files, they will NOT be able to see them. Instead, Cobbl will display a screen that advises them that Sharing has been turned off and that they need to contact you. (and soon, they’ll be able to send to you a stock email asking about access to your boards!).

Also, the codes you used may not be available to you again if you decide to turn Sharing On.  if you used the random shortcode Cobbl provided, it will also not be available to you. If you created a unique custom shortcode, that code may not be available to you again. So, please proceed carefully.Be a bit more careful about turning Sharing Off.

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