Sharing any board in Cobbl that is yours is very easy: If you are the Owner, simply turn sharing ON, then share a link to the board and anyone who has that link can view the board. You can also allow users with the link to add images to your board.  So, what’s the big deal with link sharing? It’s super convenient.

First, remember that the link is a URL (that’s computerese for “page address.”) For example, you could tell anyone to enter the page address, or URL, to the Cobbl board or you can say,  and forget about that https:// gobbledygook. Of course, you can change that last part of the page link to make it unique to your board. To do that you will need to , change “pets” to “fluffly” in board settings.

Link sharing is fun and easy and the best way to encourage collaboration on image boards!

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