Guest Welcome Message

Welcome to Cobbl, a new app to help you do more with your images.  We take privacy very seriously so please take a moment to review this information.

You have been invited to view a board of images. Enjoy viewing these images!  If you need any assistance please check the menu for options to help you learn about using cobbl and for a link to provide feedback to cobbl.

If the owner has given you privileges to add images, then you must create an account, BUT a free account is acceptable. You need an account so that we can protect the integrity of Cobbl for all users and prevent one user from overwhelming the system. Your account is free and please note that we will never spam you or resell your email. Occasionally, we may need to send you and email to inform you about the status of the board or about system updates that may affect your image. Again, we just want to respect your investment in using Cobbl while making it a great application for everyone.

When you add images to cobbl, the image will appear in the board very quickly and will be viewable instantly by all other users who have access to the board. So, if the image you want to add is not offensive, it will appear very quickly.

Some Legalize

Please note that cobbl does NOT allow offensive material. Your use of cobbl includes your acknowledgement that cobbl may review content you have submitted and prevent its display.  We may also delete it from our system without providing notice to you.  Also, if you see content that is objectionable, please click the image, then look for the Flag to report it to us. Please note that offensive images will not display and may be removed at any time by cobbl reviewers. If an image that you upload is “flagged” cobbl may delete it without providing notice to you.

And lastly, cobbl does NOT gain any ownership or rights to any images uploaded. Any images uploaded are owned and subject to copyright of the owner of board unless the owner has embedded copyright information into the image.

Whew!  We know it’s a lot of information just to view a board, so please contact us if you have any questions.

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