Guest Welcome Message

Welcome to Cobbl, a new app to help you do more with your images.  We take privacy very seriously so please take a moment to review this information. You have been invited to view a board of images. Enjoy viewing these images!  If you need any assistance please check the […]

Stopping Sharing of Boards

What can you do when you’ve shared a board but no longer want to share a board? Cobbl makes it simple: Stop Sharing. Go to the Share menu, then turn sharing OFF. But, there is more to consider. When you turn sharing off, the links that your guests use to […]

Email Invites, A More Secure Way to Share a Board

When you use Cobbl’s Email Invites feature, the guests you invite to your board receive a unique code. They must click the link sent to them to open the board. The advantage is that you can allow only specific users to view and add content to a board. To use […]


Sharing any board in Cobbl that is yours is very easy: If you are the Owner, simply turn sharing ON, then share a link to the board and anyone who has that link can view the board. You can also allow users with the link to add images to your […]


Cobbl makes it easy to share images and entire collections of images. In this article, we’ll show you how to control privacy while sharing boards, or collections of images. Open the Sharing menu, then turn sharing On. The default setting is that Sharing with the Link shown can view the […]

How Do I Add Images, Text, and Video

There are a few ways to add images, text, and video, what Cobbl calls Content. Option 1 When viewing a board, click the Add Content button 2. Follow the instructions to Browse for content on your computer or your mobile device, then click Add Content. 3. The content will be […]