Cobbl for Everyone

Cobbl is for everyone and for all occasions. Create Cobbl Boards for:

  • a surprise for a loved one
  • any celebration – weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, retirements, …
  • no occasion at all – just create your board for yourself with photos of special memories
  • family vacations and family reunions – have everyone post to boards that everyone can enjoy later
  • day outings to the beach or the park, on a bike ride or trail hiking

Cobbl’s powerful features makes it easy for you to customize and control your board.

  • Viewing Permissions – invite certain people or share your board with the entire Cobbl World.
  • Posting Permissions – same thing here, you control who posts to your Cobbl Board.
  • Admin Permissions – you can invite select individuals to administer your board with you. They will have all the same capabilities as you the owner of the board.
  • Moderation – even if you invite others to post to your board, then you can still oversee what content is displayed with Cobbl Moderation.
  • Enhancing – boost your special images with text description tags and/or links to websites or other Cobbl Boards.
  • Slide Shows – put your own special memories on the big screen in your living room. Then sit back and enjoy!
  • Sharing – you do not have to share your special Cobbl Board, but if you do, think of the smiles on the faces of your family and friends.cobbl

Cobbl is for Everyone!