Cobbl for Events and Organizations

Are you and event organizer or an organization leader? If you are, then Cobbl can help you in many ways.

  • Provide more exposure for sponsors – have their photos and website links on your Cobbl Board.
  • Increase engagement with participants – have them post their own selfies.
  • Easy to reuse Cobbl board in announcements and invites – good for annual or monthly events.
  • Content can be pulled automatically from Instagram hashtags – but it is your board so you are in control.
  • Selfies uploaded during the event will immediately display on your Cobbl Board – display on the big Screen.
  • Place event or organization logo in the Branding Block and add any descriptive info as well.
  • Participants do not need to register with Cobbl to view or to post – it is that easy!
  • If necessary, you can set up Board Admins to manage your board – they will have same permissions as you.

Explore these powerful features in detail.


Make your next event Cobbl Crazy!