Cobbl For Business

Cobbl is a fantastic platform to collaborate with and engage both existing and new customers. You can create a single board or numerous boards highlighting various products or services that your business offers. Share your board(s) with customers by email, texting, inviting others to your board within Cobbl, or by hardcopy, e.g. business cards, flyers, or posters. Imagine your customers’ smiling faces in selfies with your products. Now imagine how others will feel once they see your beautiful Cobbl Board filled with all of these happy customers!

Here are some Cobbl features that you can use to benefit your business.

  • Branding – If used, the Branding Block will always be located at the top left of your board. Here you can place a logo of your business or your products. Plus you can put in text such as website links, contact information, address and directions, promotional information, and whatever else makes sense for your business.
  • Enhancing – You as the board owner or admin can Enhance content on your board with text tags and/or website links. You can even link to other Cobbl Boards. Simply select the image you want to enhance and then edit.
  • Embed – Not only can you link to your website from your Cobbl Board, you can directly embed your board into your website. Updates to your Cobbl Board will also appear on your website.
  • Moderation – Want to be sure all images posted to your business board meet your approval? This is easy with Cobbl Moderation. Simply set moderation on and posted content will not be visible to anyone other than you until you approve it.

Cobbl makes it easy to:

  • C ollaborate with customers
  • O versee board content with Moderation
  • B rand your board
  • B oost board content by Enhancing
  • L et’s Share Now!!